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Our thread gages are made of oil hardened graphitic tool steel. This material offers a high resistance to wear, good anti-friction properties, and freedom from distortion. Pitch diameters are guaranteed to be in the upper half of the gage maker’s tolerance. This will further optimize wear and extend gage life.


Hard chrome finish on all standard thread plug gages at no extra cost. Special fixtures are used in a proprietary plating bath formula which allows a greater thickness of hard chrome to finish size without re-lapping.


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Thread Gages – Our Specialty


Special-thread plug and ring gages for virtually every type of thread including American Inch, Metric, Acme, Buttress, Straight and Tapered pipe threads. Size capabilities run from 000-120 threads per inch to 15 1/2 inch diameter and one thread per inch.


All gages are manufactured to ANSI standards and are traceable to the National Institute of Standards. We offer standard quality gages and fast delivery on special-order thread gages, including adjustable rings and set plugs.



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